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The following is a reply to a particular person, who is only identified by his avatar name.  Because of its length and need of formatting, I was unable to post it through the original channel of communication, so I am posting it here and giving the correspondent a link to it.  I think others may find it interesting as well, at least those of you who like to play with language and look into its hidden structures.  The correspondence from this person is in bold blue, my reply is in plain black.


SepAration of the English language which is used to manipulate ancient text is in the letters U&I. Ancients had no words for Individuals. -- Partially correct.  But the split was more complex than you make it.

A - prime Creator, initial undivided state

E - all things material, external, the first separated state

I - all things internal (illusion), consciousness separated from A by E

O - all things in waters/dimensions, disembodied (lost) spirits

U - all things in the underworld, farthest separated from prime Creator

The proper separation is prime Creator from itself, and then there are internal divisions, including the separation of U and I.  Actually, the ancients, and some currently spoken languages used constructions such as "I and I" to mean "we" indicating not only self-awareness, but also awareness of the *I*dentity of the two beings despite their separation.

The Whole was always considered--(holy-bible translates into "Text of holes"). -- Partially correct.

The whole, as well as it could be perceived or imagined, was better respected in ancient times than it is now.  Holy may acceptably be transliterated as Whole-y (like unto the whole) or Wholly (entirely).  I will assume that your use of "holes" above is actually a typo, although in Hebrew, much was made of the letters with holes in their centers, and how the holes "miraculously supported themselves."  That discussion is deep and beyond the scope of this reply.

You hate others wealth while worrying of your own? Isn't that the "False-Profit" you seek? -- I don't have a clue how you can judge "me" or any of the other moderators of this site in this manner.  You do not know us.  I invite you to use a bit more discernment before making blanket statements from an uninformed position.

THE letter jJ puts u-befor-I. -- Incorrect.

The letter J evolved from the letter I/Yod, not the letter U.  I comes before J in the English alphabet.  J is not common in other alphabets, rather Y is used.

E satnds for everything. -- Incorrect - too abbreviated, see above.  E is still A, but separated from the identity condition.

A stands for the 1st and ALL r=. - Essentially correct, if somewhat imprecisely stated.  If you substitute PI for r= , based on your later equivalency statement, you produce a malformed set designation, A^(initial) U(nion) E(PI).  Be careful.  This is a mathematically based creation.  The concept of PI is too limited, as what is needed here is a transdimensional irrational number, similar to PI, but human mathematics does not yet include this concept.  PI is far too limited.

Hence the Three lines (trinity)which r split equally by a smaller line A. -- I have no idea what you are trying to say here.

Jesus Christ translates "King of mans suffering" -- Jesus follows the ancient formula of the "dying god" as sacrifice was part of his manifestation.  That is not a translation, rather it is a characterization.

and Lucifer-(the light a.k.a. Truth). as "Prince of Darkness". -- Partially correct.  Lucifer means lightbringer, and is typically associated with the morningstar or the planet Venus.  I will remind you that Lucifer came into being before Jesus and that the Bible clearly states that Darkness existed before Light (as evidenced by God's command "let there be Light.")  Lucifer is classified as a Deceiver, the opposite of Truth, but as we know, by perceiving a lie, we sometimes can identify the greater truth...still, I cannot associate Lucifer with Truth in the manner of a.k.a. - the mental twists and turns to get there are too many to represent an equivalency.

Aren't princes future Kings? -- Not necessarily, in such systems there is always a hierarchy of heirs, and not all princes become kings.  As if the concept of hereditary kingship (or kingship at all) wasn't completely obsolete by now.

They separate Truth&Suffering while speaking of the fact that "Gods light" will be hated by most men. -- Actually, Jesus said that he brought us a sword.  I don't think God's light is hated by most men, I think most either choose to interpret it for their own ends or ignore it entirely.  Even Satanists I have known find this Light useful and are happy to hijack it for their purposes.  Now you wrote "Gods" instead of "God's" so in case that was not a typo, I will point to the Elohim, "gods" plural, and the ET races that visited this planet.  Their "light" was not so pure as Creator Source's, and did bring both truth (in a very confused, backhanded way) and suffering (in a much more straightforward way).  I am curious who you mean by "they" in this sentence.  A complete answer cannot be given until that is defined.

Until he awakens from darkness and merges truth into suffering Becoming King of MAN. -- Mankind *IS* the "he" who must awaken from darkness (ignorance, delusion) to become Sovereign.  Change the terminology to the modern form, or you will repeat the mistakes of the past.  The concept of suffering particularly needs to change. Again, too deep for the purpose of this reply.

If there is NO creator who are Parents? -- Mankind has had many parents, all of whom were themselves descended from Source.  Who made the clay?  A few races out there can make clay, and those stand at the threshold of becoming Co-Creators.  They may not step through that doorway until everyone is ready to be a Co-Creator, as Source needs an equal, not a partial.  This Universe operates under absolute conservation principles.

God lives and creates in all of us. -- True.

The AMBIGRAM for my name is "IlluminatI-also reads-KING OF MEN-WHEN FLIPPED INSIDE OUT AND BACKWARDS IT READS-THE WORDMASTER -- I am not familiar with that ambigram thing.  I am familiar with Gematria and the Atbach and Atbash methods of word transposition and inversion.  I find it somewhat worrying that if you did in fact discover these attributes hidden within yourself, that you would reveal it so easily.  The true tzaddikim keep their robes on from modesty except when alone with Source.

The lyeing SNAKE or SERPANT always represented by the letter S.S is same upside down but changes direction of word when flipped inside out. -- The letter attribution is correct, and you will note that it is also the root of the Swastika (from Sanskrit), and it has sacred meaning in both positive and negative appearances.  It is not associated with lying except in the Bible, in a story I believe was co-opted due to a conflict between factions of Elohim (Anunaki), which had its root in a conflict with an extradimensional Serpent race, the Naga, in which the “liars” were actually the Elohim.  Again, too deep.

Jesus Christ will ASCEND HEAVEN. MAN RISES FROM SUFFERING INTO THE LIGHT...We learn Truth and flourish. -- WE ALL ARE JESUS CHRIST.  We all ascend together.  We all will have Truth revealed, if we do not already have it.  There are those who can stand in that light, and there are those who will see themselves in it as they truly are and "be ashamed" - realize that they still have much to learn, and those will choose to return to their lessons.  Those who stand will go on to new things.

HeaveN & Hell are both ANIGRAMS MEANING THE SAME THING!!! -- The human concepts of these things are corrupted and out of alignment.  There is only Source.  What makes it heaven or hell is individual perspective.  "One man's trash is another man's treasure; one man's pain is another man's pleasure."

Your worried of a "FALSE PROFIT" -- *I* personally, and many of those I know, are categorically *not* worried about any false "profits" (of whatever spelling or innuendo).  We know they exist, have always existed, and serve a purpose as negative instructors.  Those who have discernment can avoid them, and it is our Sovereign responsibility to do so and to show others the positive light of the negative instructions. "For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God's chosen ones... For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man... As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of... the Son of Man." - from Matthew Ch. 24  In the days of Noah, what came was a fish (Ea/Enki), not a bull (Enlil/Jehovah).

LOOK AT your $ money in mind body and spirit! -- None, literally NONE, of the civilized races (ETs) use money.  Money is a part of the Control System left on Earth to manage a slave population.  Forget money; use it as you would use any dangerous but necessary tool until a healthy economic system can be put into place.

Deal with the Devil. Trading I for Everything and ALL. Devil = lived ,delove=evolved, sepAration=accept a ration. -- This is a glyph of slavery and I repudiate it.  My "dealings" are with Creator Source, for and through whom I manifest Sovereign identity.

'FALSE PROFIT' preached by mouth of man. The Vatican is the most secret LIBRARY in the world. -- True on the face of it.

Angels & Demons make a little more sense now?  -- I have friends in both realms.  Like people, some are nice and some are nasty.  Until one understands that we all - angel, demon, human, ET, whatever - come from and are a part of Source, "sense" is meaningless.  There's only one truth, and that is LOVE.

The r= is the symbol for PI. -- The Creation is a type of multidimensional Turing machine founded on very simple principles.  The machine has run for many cycles and produced essentially infinite diversity.  Next...

Prophecy also says man will become self aware 2/17/2011 add those numbers up to 2012. -- There are so many prophecies and so many dates, to me they are essentially meaningless.  Each comes to it in their own perfect time. 

A pac o lypse A truth of lies -- A pack of lips...flapping meat puppet lips spreading fear to support the Control System.  Next....

A R Me GeDON- ALL ARE MY GARDEN. -- What does one do in a garden?  Prepare, sow, nurture, be nurtured in return, reap, restore, rest, repeat.  It's a cycle.


IKINGUJOSHUA -- I, KINGU, JOSHUA - I invite you to learn about KINGU and JOSHUA to a deeper degree if you do not already possess good information.   You realize that you are (from my perspective, appropriately), identifying Joshua, another name for Jesus with Kingu, a member of the Serpent race that the Anunaki almost completely annihilated.  You, probably without realizing it, have waded into a very deep and old mess.  Be careful what you associate with yourself in identity (taking an identity separate from Source is inviting a lesson) lest you deceive even yourself.


I KING, U JOSHUA-- I'll leave you to delve into that one and determine its true meaning.


Afterword:  This is hardly the first time I have encountered this particular type of communication, although it is a very good example.  It appears to stem from a meme arising in the Black community as its members are transiting the Ascension process, and it appears that they have a unique set of emerging truths and also a unique set of deceptions to work through.  This presents an opportunity to merge and enrich our experiences, casting aside yet another division artificially imposed upon us by the Control System - race, apparently, was incorporated into the Babel Project more deeply that I realized and as such, this coming together could heal many wounds to the collective psyche.

iKINGuJOSHUA, are you - and your friends, as you are apparently working with this material with a group of others - up for some real barrier breaking?  If so, I am keter.magick on Skype and on gmail and you are welcome to contact me either place.

But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker

Continuation of the Conversation

My Christian YouTube messenger has again written to me.  His (her?)...no I get the feeling this is a fellow...thoughts continue to track pretty precisely with themes I'm thinking on, so I'm going to continue the conversation, and I'll be on BlogTalkRadio (New Eridu channel) to talk even more about it later this afternoon.  I wish he understood that we are actually on the same page...maybe he does, I don't know.  YouTube messages aren't the best forum for a meeting of minds and souls.  But I take my inspiration and insight where I find it, and one of these days, maybe it will help someone else.

Hi, thanks again for writing.

I have my own personal relationship with God and it just keeps getting deeper and bigger and more interesting.

If Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, and God is ineffable, are we really sure that it was a big G God who was His Dad?  There were a lot of little G gods back then, and they certainly had the ability to play with the human genome.  I won't reject Jesus because He definitely was here and left quite a legacy, but God does things through natural laws, and how Jesus got here is less important than what He had to say...and He most certainly was speaking a powerful, but sometimes confusing, lesson.  And it wasn't really new material, either, if you research the religions that came before Him.  But the proof is in the outcome:  if Jesus brought you closer to God, then He has served His purpose.  Still, he said we were supposed to be like Him in all ways, so if He's a son of God and capable of salvation, then so are we, and we are obliged to fulfill our purpose, too.  I think a world full of saviors would be a good thing, as it was predicted to be in the day of the Grand Jubilee. :o)

Yahweh vs. Jehovah, both spelled YHVH and really acting quite differently in the Bible.  It's not like the Hebrews had CNN and the Internet so they could readily compare notes on "is my God like your God?"  And they weren't scientists, either, so they took a lot of things to be miracles and signs and made a lot of pronouncements about glowing clouds, and god(s) - yup, Elohim is plural - riding in/on radiant clouds.  There was more going on back then, but I will bet a modern day observer would look at it and go "oh, a UFO!" and wouldn't be so impressed by lasers and airborne food drops.  In short, it was the Anunaki agenda to come in as "gods" to get people to help them willingly, and we have a racial memory of this that has been exploited from time to time.  That doesn't mean Source Creator God is any less, it just means he's had a lot of imitators who weren't nearly as perfect, and our ancestors weren't equipped to know the difference.

The Bible foretells a false flag event, and that's going to happen.  Easy peasy, use that knowledge and your discernment to avoid the Deceivers (human or otherwise or both) and wait for the real one(s) - that's what I'm going to do.  You'll know them when you see them, although you will be surprised, I think, when you realize what the prophecies actually meant - they will be fulfilled, but not, perhaps, in the way a bunch of Medieval monks imagined.  Seriously, we do all mend our differences and move on to something new and better; that's not optional, so if you need to see angels with trumpets and I prefer to see a vimana with a loudspeaker, your mind will give you what you need and mine will give me...probably what I actually see because I've seen them before and they don't scare me.  I've also seen an angel, and I'm not scared of them either, although having one manifest at the foot of one's bed with a crack of thunder is kind of a rude awakening.  That's OK, we went on to be friends.  His name is Taftafiyyah, and you can look him up, he's a real angel.  At the time, I only knew about Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Rafael (I will resist writing the names of Santa's reindeer...I will, really...this is serious) and you know, the more famous Bible angels, so I was a little skeptical, but later I found T's name was one of Metatron's names (Metatron is a collective of angelic spirits).

I have a friend who is 76 years old is the widow of a Methodist preacher.  She has a saying about people who use their "god" to pass judgments that are really their own judgments - sort of "making their gods up" as you say - and I love this saying and use it all the time:  "Your god is too small."  And so it is.  Mine blows my mind and confounds me regularly.  Whenever I figure something out, all that happens is that I realize than now I have opened doors to even more stuff that blows my mind and confounds me.  It's good stuff, but it completely refuses to be locked into a little ritual box that tells me what my place is and to stay in it.  Source is alive and dynamic and interactive, and is leading me on one heck of a cool adventure.  He gives us what we want as much as possible, and never more than we can handle.  And we do go to Source using the path that Jesus proved, but we go on our own two feet and by our own wills...free will says that if we choose to sit down on an artificially limited set of beliefs, we are free to do so, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea.  I choose to keep going, even when it goes into some really strange territory.

If you had told me five years ago that I'd be here telling others about aliens and stuff, I would have laughed in your face...I was and am a scientist and a skeptic, very much of the "I'll believe it when I see it" variety...well, I saw it.  And it actually made a lot of sense and brought me into a more fruitful alignment with Source, so I'm satisfied that what is happening is happening for a reason and all will be well.  See, we are going to get victory over our enemies.  But it's not going to be victories of swords and nukes - although some may freak out as we go farther into this process and try to start stuff...but there are many more of us who are only going to let them go so far and no further.  How can we have victory over our enemies if we don't kill 'em?  Easy.  They stop being our enemies so we stop treating each other that way.  Duh!  The victory is over the IDEA of enemies.  We all have so much more in common than we have in differences, and differences are just a matter of perspective anyway, part of that requisite diversity that makes it possible for us to form an informal distributed computing experiment when different people tackle solving a problem.  If we all thought exactly alike, we would all know the same things and have the same blind spots, so we wouldn't be able to make any progress until somebody went black sheep and started thinking differently.  Cool, huh?

So let's think differently, and let that different thinking bring us to a fulfillment of all our prophecies and all of our dreams...but in a way so much more perfect than what we might have imagined.  When that happens, we can be sure that it wasn't just us working alone, but that Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka (God by whatever name) was with us and knew exactly how to surprise and delight us...which is, after all, His surprise and delight as well.

But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker

An Open Message

A lovely soul sent me a couple of videos in reply to my New Eridu YouTube channel.  I would like to honor this person's intentions through the following reply.

Thank you for the videos and for taking time to contact me.

I have studied all of the world's religions over the past 30 years, particularly Judaism and Christianity.  I am very familiar with the material in those videos.

Absolutely there are Deceivers.  They've been among us all along.  But we don't need to fear them; we just need to use our consciences and our discernment.  We can be in the world, but not of it; we can be Daniel in the lions' den.  If we have Love in our hearts and a commitment to do the Will of God (Source by whatever name), the evil will sweep right by us.  And the miracle of it all is that it will be swept right out of those who currently are caught up in that evil, and all divisions will be healed.  It is the time of the Grand Jubilee!  All is forgiven and healed so that “all of your people are tzadikim.”

Remember God is All and God is Love, so All are parts of God, and God can only Love all of those parts.  The portrayal of God as jealous and vengeful was a plot by the Deceivers to make us fearful of God and to make us distrust our God-consciousness...this separation was told in the story of Adam and Eve realizing they were naked and hiding in fear, and the fracture continued through Cain and Abel and made us likewise fear and distrust one another, and even beyond that, until we learned to fear and distrust ourselves.  It is time for that separation to end.

Just as there is "good and evil" in the world, so it is throughout this magnificent Creation, and our human family is larger than we might imagine.  Ending the separation also means ending its illusions and manifesting the return of the Prodigals.

 All will be well.


Blessings of Peace and Love to You.

In Lak'ech ala K'in (I Am another Yourself).

But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker

New Eridu Radio: The Powers That Pretend

The Powers That Pretend

New Eridu on BlogTalkRadio

Date / Time: Saturday, 7/24/2010 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (347) 324-5239

Illuminati, Bilderberg, Hidden Hand... By whatever name, we know that "THEY" exist, that they don't want us to know who they are, and that their program for this world has no regard - and perhaps negative regard - for the welfare of humankind. New Eridu explores the many manifestations of the Powers That Pretend (PTP), from Rosslyn to Roswell, Babel to Google, and Golden Calf to Goldman Sachs and how, over 7000 years later, Enlil's enslavement strategies are still being faithfully executed...and unthinkingly followed by his flock of sheeple.

I'm also in the process of working on the migration of the New Eridu web site from WetPaint to its own domain.   I concentrated on the Radio page, since that's getting some serious traffic lately.  The links on that page will work...once there's content at the specified locations.  That may take another week or so to complete.


But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker

I Write Like...

It's probably never a good idea for a writer to get too deeply into analyzing their writing style, but when I came across a link to this site on CNN, I had to test it.

First I submitted copy I wrote for my New Eridu BlogTalkRadio show:

Thousands of years ago in human history, the city of Eridu was built in what is now southern Iraq. It was built by a civilization known as the Anunaki, whose advanced technologies and civilization conceived, gave birth to, and nurtured humankind under the leadership of the Anunaki Commander of Earth, known as Enki or Ea.

Enki's interest in and love of humankind is well documented in Sumerian literature, and in Eridu, humankind flourished. Had Enki prevailed in Anunaki politics and had his plan for his human children been fulfilled, humankind might already have taken its place among the civilized races as an equal beside the Anunaki.

To save humankind from destruction by his political and familial enemies, Enki buried that potential deep in human DNA, where it still exists, knowing that the Sovereign, God-conscious human spirit, a miraculous gift of Source which was Enki's delight - and the greatest fear of many other Anunaki - cannot remain oppressed forever.

Where better to express the resurrection and actualization of this potential than in New Eridu?

and the result was:

I write like
Johathan Swift

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Well, at least I can SPELL "Jonathan Swift."  ;o)  Still, he wrote Gulliver's Travels, so that's not too far off the mark for the type of material.

Then I submitted the opening passage from my book-in-progress Exiles of Eridu:

Sunlight slanted through the high windows that ringed the top of the Hal.an.kug, Lord Enki's private meditation room, striping the carved stone walls with bars of light and evoking a golden halo from the dark brown curls on the Lord of Eridu's bowed head. The eldest son of An sat naked in his asana, his back turned to the dawn, watching the dust-motes blaze golden and dance in the beams of light as slowly he emerged from the state of en.gur - the no-thought of god-consciousness.

In a single fluid motion he arose to stand in the golden sunlight, momentarily motionless, every perfectly formed muscle and sinew straining to their utmost to rebirth his consciousness into the confines of time and space. The Unknown God had spoken to him; it would take some time to remember all He had said.

An ethereally thin man with long pale blond hair emerged from the shadows and placed a fine silken robe of the deepest blue over Lord Enki's shoulders, then stepped back a respectful distance.

"Isimud," Lord Enki said, his voice hoarse from disuse, "I didn't get any insight into why I feel ill. Did I say anything?"

"Only one word," the Merlin replied. "Exile."

and the result was:

I write like
J. K. Rowling

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Oh dear.  First of all, I don't much like J.K. Rowling's behavior as an author, and am tepid on her writing style.  BUT, might this be a sign of commercial viability?  OK, I'll take it as that and move on.

And lastly I submitted the first three paragraphs of my previous blog post here (scroll back to see if you care), and the result was:

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Cory Doctorow writes in a genre that is referred to as "postcyberpunk" which to me sounds like "postmodern" - either you is, or you ain't...cyberpunk or modern.  They don't have a "post" phase that I can define, just an evolutionary path.  I do like Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom so far (I'm in the middle of reading this), but it is so ungrounded it is one of those stories that is both interesting and hard to read, because, dammit, that's not the way it's going to go down in the real world.  The idea that my BLOG posts read that way is a lot unsettling...I'm endeavoring to write from a reality perspective here.

Oh well...like I said earlier...it's probably never a good idea for a writer to get too deeply into analyzing their writing style.

Your turn to analyze me in the comments.   {o_O}


But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker
You hate us, your parents and grandparents.  You think you are better than us.  You think we hate you.  We know you hate and look down on us...you've shown disrespect and disdain to us the entire time we were trying to rear you. We don't hate you.  We know the schools taught you to disrespect us and to seize power over us by threatening to lie about abuse, and that social programs and liberal courts gave you a pass to do everything we tried to tell you had consequences, like unprotected sex and criminal behavior...you were juveniles, so you were untouchable, and while you laughed and got off Scot-free, we paid fines and went to jail for "allowing you" to do the things you did while we were at work trying to earn a living to keep your sorry asses in video games, cell phones, and Juicy Couture. I'll tell you what we think of you:  we are afraid OF you and FOR you, and most of us did the best we could to raise you.

No we weren't perfect, and neither were our parents and grandparents.  Let me tell you something that has probably never occurred to you because it would require you to actually know some history, spend some time away from your media addictions to reflect on it, and have some empathy for what it was like for the people who had to go through it:  the three generations before you.

We went through more changes - and more radical changes - than have ever before happened in human history: two World Wars and two illegal "police actions," the rise of atomic, chemical, and biological weaponry and weapons in space, the Cold War, the rise of Big Brother and the Military Industrial Complex, bombardment by controlled/programmed media, manufactured consent, consumerism, rampant racism, sexism, divorce, urbanization through urban decay, the loss of frontier opportunities, the loss of family farming and homesteading to corporate food production and metastasizing and generic suburbia, a Depression, two "recessions", inflation, multiple artificial shortages and similar engineered market manipulations, the rise of mega-corporations, disappearing pensions, job security, and Social Security, the need for two-earner households to meet new expectations of what a proper family should provide for its children, the tail end of Victorian moralism and religious bigotry... oh the list just goes on and on and on.  They left us an obsolete model of the social contract - work hard and get ahead, mind your own business, keep your nose clean, save your money, and retire modestly on a pension - that left us repeatedly betrayed on every level by the move to globalism and the New World Order. 

My generation's parents and grandparents didn't know how to deal with the changes at all and often were a mess - they smoked and drank and were hooked on prescription drugs, many of the women were completely out of touch with reality and the men frequently took no part in child-rearing other than to mete out corporal punishment. The method they used for raising children was both narrow-minded (Spencerian education) and plainly barbaric and dehumanizing.

Yeah, with that legacy, my generation was floundering when you came along...we were trying to reinvent almost everything all at once and we did not understand yet that "our" government wasn't ours, that corporations were willing to kill people to make a profit, or that there was a Control System and Powers That Pretend behind the seemingly isolated problems we kept running into.  We couldn't effectively devise a strategy to deal with it because NONE OF US KNEW ANYTHING COULD BE THAT EVIL.  Most of us did the best we could, but we were overwhelmed.  We knew at the time that we were overwhelmed, and we put one foot in front of the other and did whatever we could to stay afloat even though our entire sense of reality was reeling...or if we succumbed to the media, our entire sense of reality was completely distorted and no longer our own.  We didn't choose to be that way, we just didn't know how to defend ourselves, or how to teach you to defend yourself.

Now that the truth is coming out, and now that your generation is old enough to be expected to start claiming its power...you aren't.  You're stomping your feet about how unfair everything is and focusing your anger on us when you should be helping us take down the Control System and the Powers That Pretend.  Instead, many of you are having illegitimate children and being unwilling to take nasty jobs, and falling even deeper into the clutches of the PTP by becoming dependent on welfare programs.  You are supporting the Control System by going along with liberal attitudes.  The jobs that aren't good enough for you still need to get done, so you give a pass to illegal aliens, who then suck at the public teat when they start to feel as entitled as you already do.  But that's OK, because if you point a finger at them for that sense of entitlement, then you would have to point it at yourself, too.  AND YOUR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS...WHO TOOK THOSE NASTY JOBS TO KEEP YOU IN DIAPERS...ARE PAYING FOR EVERYTHING.

We are indeed scared of you and for you, because we know that some day we will be too old to take care of ourselves, and we know we can't count on you to stop being selfish and lazy.  We also know that you have learned the lessons you were taught in school, and just might choose to abandon or eliminate us when we cease being a source of assets to you.  And we are afraid FOR you because you don't know how to think for yourself, but you have the vastly inflated self-esteem you were taught in school, so you are incapable of realizing that you don't know.  We want you to be free, to stand up and be responsible, to take back control now that we are beginning to understand the trap we've fallen into, but you aren't even free enough to turn off the TV...strong enough to walk off a job that asks you to do something that is wrong....responsible enough to regulate your own behavior and live within your means...or insightful enough to realize that the voices that are telling you to blame us for your problems are the same ones that benefit from keeping us from joining forces against THEM.

You can start by putting the iPod in a drawer, throwing out your TV, getting a library card and using it, investing the money you spend on espresso and designer vodka or pissing away in 401Ks and other junk investments into hard assets that will keep you alive when the shit hits the fan, which it is about to do.  Help Grandma get her vegetable garden growing again using heirloom seeds.  Get your friends together to learn history and psychology, and discuss how these things affect you an the world around you.  Disconnect from World of Warcraft, and learn instead the arts of statesmanship and Peacecraft.  Leave the corporation that betraying its local community by not paying its fair share of taxes, moving jobs overseas, and/or damaging the environment...find a job that contributes to your community and learn to live within your means...abundantly...through sharing with others.  Begin to defer gratification - don't have sex just because you are feeling hot, don't buy something just because others have it - and honor consequences of past behavior because bailouts were wrong for big business who behaved irresponsibly and are also wrong for individuals who behaved irresponsibly.  Apologize for being shitty little tyrants to your parents, and honor the hard work they did so you can start repairing your relationship.

We will forgive you because we know you were lied to the same way we were and didn't know any better.  But if you stand around yelling about having been lied to and betrayed, then we know you DO know, and you will be expected to take your share of the responsibility to stop the PTP and clean up the mess.  And if you don't do this, then you are part of the problem, and you are on your own.

But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker

Better Than a Box of Chocolates

I have been teetering on the edge of doing more with the New Eridu project for almost a year.  Every time I would get busy on something, something else would crop up and snatch my time or attention, and...frankly...the idea of stepping out on a stage and announcing to the world that I am representing an ET presence just didn't jibe with wanting to remain employable in a traditional way.  When I went out on my own, that changed, but then I was busy with work building a business.  At this point, the urge to take it to the next level is overwhelming...so I started.

I am now hosting what will be a weekly show on BlogTalkRadio, schedule to be determined this week.

Listen to internet radio with New Eridu on Blog Talk Radio

Well, because of a BTR scheduling bug, my show ended up being pretty late, so after capturing archives and such, it was 1 AM by the time I got finished and went home.  Still a bit jazzed, I grabbed a beer and went out on the deck to watch what is in the supposed position of Venus but lately has been flashing pure and sharp circles of red, blue, green, and amber.  The planet Venus has never done that before in my memory, so I'm guessing that some optical interference is going on...not sure of what kind.  It was quiet:  the neighborhood, nature, everything.  The moon had set, so it should have been dark, but wasn't very, and I was trying to figure out where the light was coming from.  Every so often, I would see a flash like lightning...very diffuse, couldn't really get a fix on where it was coming from.  I had checked the radar before going home as I always do (to know if I need to close windows and the roof hatch before going to sleep) and there wasn't any rain in the area.  Between flashing Venus, flashing skies, and pervasive and inexplicable "moonlight", my attention was pretty well engaged on the skies.

Hey over here! 
I'm not sure how to punctuate a telepathic transmission...quotes don't seem right because it isn't "said" and actually isn't really words, either, until I "translate" it.  But italics don't either when the thought obviously isn't YOUR thought.  In this case, it was Enki's, and sent in such a way that it gave a very precise direction to look, which was about 10 degrees to the left of "Venus."  I had been looking almost straight up at the time.  A brilliant golden orb lit up momentarily as my eyes fixed on the direction I had been given, almost as bright as the nearby "planet," but without any of the stroboscopic effects.  I got a really good look at it before it dimmed out again.  It did not move, it just dimmed.

A short telepathic conversation ensued, confirming that he had indeed come to visit me to show that he was delighted with what I had done.  It was a conversation true to our usual routine: we cover bullet point status updates, agree on what to do next, and then I tell him to get his butt down here to prove this is real before the men with giant butterfly nets start chasing me, and he teases me about that and says we have to stick to the schedule, which we do.  If only the schedule would stop changing!  But we're dealing with a negative agenda that is going to make the first move, and they are getting more behind schedule every day...which is a good thing in the long run.  But we also are waiting on people's perceptions and thinking to reach a certain state, and that varies from day to day, so I know the time will just be right when it's right, and can't be hurried.  The repartee is just part of what we do; it's part of the personal interaction keeps us bonded despite being physically separated with no known end to that separation.

Look up.  Again, Enki's direction.  I do, and again immediately as my eyes fix on the instructed direction, a meteorite streaked across that part of the sky from the southeast to the northwest.  I gasped, and he explained that his ship can track small objects like that and calculate entry points and times very accurately.  I thought he had gone after that, but a couple of minutes later, Look up. This time I was directed to lean out over the deck rail so I could see past the edge of the roof, and this meteorite went to the southwest.  Oh, are you putting on a show for me?  Heheh, yeah.  Oo, this is better than a box of chocolates.  Anybody can get a congratulatory box of chocolates...how many gals get their own meteorites?  :oD

About another minute passed before the next Look up.  I was directed to look slightly southward, and this meteorite was bigger than the other two and ended up pretty much bisecting the paths of the previous two.  It went west, "pointing" about to where Enki's ship was.  I've gotta go, I'm getting too much attention.  OK, I gotta get some sleep.  Thanks for the light show.  You haven't seen anything yet (laugh).

I lingered for a few more minutes while I finished my beer, and there weren't any more meteorites or strange flashes of light...although it remained too bright and "Venus" kept putting on the same laser show it has for the past couple of weeks.  I also started seeing some strangely geometric shadows in the sky, some of which "felt" very close by...like right above the lake in front of my house to pretty far off to the west and high up.  I'm guessing that was the "attention" Enki mentioned, and my gut tells me those were human stealth technology of some sort.  They were surprisingly large, apparently delta shaped with softly rounded edges, silent, black, and very agile.  They were also mostly transparent...it was like there was one part of their shielding that didn't work as well as the rest because what I was seeing of all of them looked like the same part on each.

You know, I joke about the men with giant butterfly nets, but it's a very real possibility...or worse.  If what I'm doing is real - which to me it is, but perception is always subjective, and after all, if you are mind controlled (or nuts), how do you know you are? - the PTP must feel threatened by this, or they wouldn't be filling the sky with strange craft to chase down one UFO and apparently try to figure out what he was interested in on the ground (wonder how they got a bearing?), and the PTP just "disappears" people who get in their way.  Do they know who and where I am?  Probably, but that won't change what I'm doing or how I'm doing it (much).  Still, I am the nail that is sticking up, and sticking up more every day.  Oh well.

But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker

A Little DIY on the Universe

This post is mostly a time marker for the Magickal Record.  I don't expect most people to understand this yet, and I'm not up for a lot of explaining.

Running with the idea (joyfully with scissors!!!)  that this Universe never left the simulator, I undertook a bit of Kobayashi Maru-style hackage.  Three hours...a fantastic team [1] effort...and I learned a LOT.

First, the real identity of an old (and I thought long-gone) astral associate - whom I had known as Zara'an, and whose actual name is Zura'an, which roughly translates as "Knowledge of the Light of Heaven"...and who was the animating spirit of the one known in human history as Zarathustra (Zoroaster).  That was a surprise. He had taught me a lot during our first association and true to form, he took me to school again.

Second, what the "library access" he gave me included.

Third, what Ahura Mazda actually is.  I'm going to play that one close to the vest for now, but my use of the word "what" vs. "who" has meaning.

Fourth, that Pazuzu (who I previously knew could manifest as a geometric form) is capable of taking a 2D form.  Now THAT was WEIRD.  Now I know how things can be present but invisible and can pass through "solid" objects.  No, I have not learned to do this.  Yet.  ;o)

Fifth, that an angel is a better guardian than a hacker.  (Poor T. stood around a lot and felt awkward.)

And lastly, that Enki is cute when he is jealous.  Dimensions upon dimensions stacking up there...I'm finally starting to understand the big picture, and damn, it worked out!  But it was amusing to do a mild "turnabout is fair play."  ;o)

Things to look for:
  • a sudden acceleration in "truth coming out"
  • folks starting to wake up and go "whut happent?"
  • one or more attempts to create a disaster for the purpose of "manufactured consent" that both fail to work and are "caught on tape"
  • really frustrated and frightened Powers That Pretend
  • nothing works the way it used to (slightly longer term to really notice this effect, but when you do...it will be interesting)

 [1] An astral assembly of: Enki, Pazuzu, Taftafiyyah, Zura'an and yours truly, rockin' it to the Emerald City with a metaphorically correct Wizard of Oz theme.  If you are going to do a white hat hack on the Universe, it pays to have fun whilst doing it.  We most definitely were not in Kansas.

But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker

Some Specifics on the Other Shoe

Must read: http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/anglo_saxon_mission_interview_transcript_en.html

NWO agenda exposed, source also mentions Bubba/Reptilians and Enki/volunteer council:

"And my own understanding is that there's some sort of malevolent ET alliance at work for 50 years by the UK and US and other Western powers, and this includes Japan.

And, again, when we talk about a malevolent ET alliance that's in the context of black projects, and this is an exchange of technologies that's been going on for some considerable time. So there is an involvement there, and that involvement I can't fully explain myself.

And I also understand that there are more humanitarian and altruistic ET entities working against this timeline and are somehow maintaining a precarious balance without taking any direct intervention themselves."

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, folks.  Dig in where you are (or will be in the next few weeks if you are subject to a last-moment relocation -- if so, this is already in the works) - and whatever you are asked, motivated, or told to do by "authority" - DO ANYTHING ELSE.  This does not require opposition...very quiet noncompliance is often far more effective and may put you in a superior strategic position later on.

It could just be coincidence, but while I was posting this, the YouTube video showed up as taken down (it had been up earlier). It seems to be back at this point. I have captured the transcripts just in case.

Here is a narrator's transcript.  Also, it has come to my attention that the "transcripts" aren't quite what I would call transcripts of the actual videos.

Video Links:

pt 1... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNp7eOEYYtk&feature=related

pt 2... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGfrrLzj7m4&feature=related

pt 3... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUJ7fgnA1hw&feature=related

pt 4... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpH7YMQcniE&feature=related

pt 5... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHE2Y9m9uNA&feature=related

pt 6... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlrT04LjKyE&feature=related

But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker

The Other Shoe

The Sirian card is about to be dealt.


This is the plan Enki told me to watch for.  They tell you exactly what they are going to do, but  like the Powers That Pretend, they spin it as if it is a good thing.  It is not.  It is totalitarian rule by thought police.  They will attempt to reduce the enlightened to base forms: "many 5th dimensional humans from earth will be separated to 3rd dimensional humans from earth."  They will orbit the planet with spy ships: "two new Earth-like moons orbiting her as the old moon will be a defense light ship or observation outpost in the future watching the new earth" and have forces poised to snatch up any violators.  The Rod of Protection is the same as Rod of Capture of the Enlilite/Reptilian slavers - it is a device that paralyzes the individual so they cannot resist.  The Grays (created by the slavers) have a similar technology that holds abductees paralyzed even when being subjected to painful "experiments." It is not a peaceful device - it is the technological imposition of the will of one over the will of another! - and has no place on a world that is intended to become enlightened.  Such trespasses here are in violation of every principle of free will and self-determination.  One does not make well a situation using the same methods that injured it in the first place!

They intend to take from us: "Once the series of formal announcements and the global delivery of your abundance are complete" - global delivery of YOUR abundance.  Not that they are delivering abundance TO you.  They intend to destroy human infrastructure and terraform the planet.  They have apparently hijacked the legitimate idea of separating people to break up existing power structures...this was originally conceived for the purpose of breaking the stranglehold of the Powers That Pretend and forcing people to redefine themselves along healthier lines, and would have been difficult, but in the end, healing.  This plan, however will be traumatic in a way that will leave lasting resentment and debility.

From the same announcement: "Our Earth allies are acutely aware that the moment of formal ‘First Contact’ will end the many millennia in which the ‘divide and conquer’ rule ran this reality" and "There shall be segregation of negative and positive souls, separation of living souls and souls without bodies, the good and the bad will be separated, many 5th dimensional humans from earth will be separated to 3rd dimensional humans from earth. Reformation of all Earth human souls will be enforced."

And then they will reveal our new masters: "As a final step, we will introduce you to your local Spiritual Hierarchy, and re-unite you with your brethren in the Inner Earth."  Haven't we had enough of hierarchies already, particularly ones that are imposed rather than selected through fitness and agreeableness to the purpose and people they will serve?  The "brethren in the Inner Earth" must be the same ones reported in underground bases...I will call your attention to the bizarre addition of a giant statue of Anubis, "god of the underworld" to the already reptilian-creepy Denver airport. Keep an eye on that site, there will be more creepiness there.

And here they define the 5th dimensional human: "As many Earth humans graduated to the 5th dimension, they will realize that their mind can manifest all the desires of their mind or physically manifesting their thoughts into physical matter creating also living life, technology and natural resources. Many Earth humans will be guided by the Ascended Masters to use the power of manifestation in proper use beneficial to earth and all sentient races."  Then refer to the quote above: "many 5th dimensional humans from earth will be separated to 3rd dimensional humans from earth."  Schweethaaaarts, I'm already doing that manifesting trick, as are a lot of others...this was evolving in us as part of a plan over 7000 years old and despite every effort to keep it suppressed.  You are NOT going to pull me or any of the others apart and reduce us to or put us in animals, and you are NOT going to claim credit for something that has all along been humankind's BIRTHRIGHT!!!!

I can't even get through the rest of this announcement in this post, knowing the beginning to be the disaster that was predicted.  I guess the Pleiadians did not manage to mitigate it one bit, as had been hoped.  Anyway, read the whole thing for yourself, watching for "sleight of tongue" languaging similar to 1984 and DC doublespeak.  Then dig in where you are, and DO NOT COMPLY.

Here, apparently, is the trial balloon version of the above (apparently final) document:

...and another preliminary version:

If you have questions, I will attempt to answer them.  I believe I have been adequately informed and have performed enough verification to give correct answers and know when I do not know.

Read this:

I just found it.  I have not fully analyzed it yet, only about half of it, but it is very, very close to accurate so far.  I'm not seeing a hidden agenda yet.  It is very much like what I encountered with the volunteer council Enki had me address.

Prediction:  much ado has been made in this work so far about interbreeding.  In fact, there has been some, and I was one of those produced.  It will be very human in reaction, once this knowledge becomes common, to light the torches, break out the pitchforks, and start annihilating the "alien menace among us."  Well, I guess that will be my sayonara if it gets that far.  I have more than once mentioned that there may be a time when I am obsolete and must leave, but this scenario is not what I meant, rather that there will come a day when my memories of Earth may become a contamination risk to a new civilization that has not yet arisen.  I will have to leave that civilization if this occurs, and I am resolved to do so if needed. The truth is that there IS a segment of the human population that has sufficient concentration of Anunaki and Pleiadian genomes that it is entirely appropriate for them to recombine with their parent line...they've already been naturally selecting partners to increase the genetic concentration with each generation without even realizing they were doing this, so this is a natural and healthy outcome.  This will strengthen all three families and is not any kind of maneuver to gain influence over Earth.  I almost had to laugh when I read some of the dire thinking...this group won't even be staying on Earth...we (I am one of them) intend to leave and colonize elsewhere to discover what we are meant to be, and leave you in peace to do the same.  There may be some drama involved to ensure that you ARE left in peace, free of outside interference, to finish healing and recreating yourselves and your culture in your own image.

Of course, whatever may come, remember to use your discernment...listen to your heart's answer to this question: "Does the proposal or offering of this (savior / alien / power / ascended being) value and support my innate God-consciousness, my Sovereignty as an individual and humankind's collective Sovereignty as a people?"  The same question applies equally to terrestrial "authorities" (along with the question you always must ask when someone asserts authority: "WHO gave YOU authority over ME?")  Source (God by whatever name) is the only one with a legitimate claim of authority over you...and instead gave you free will.  Go figure what that plan was, and see whose plan most closely matches it.

Love y'all.  More when I have it.

But now I know the things I know,
And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!
-- Dorothy Parker


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